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Dear Clients,

When managing the properties, we have had more and more cases of air conditioners, TV sets, hobs and ovens damaged. This is a result (as our owners painfully learnt) of not having proper surge protection installed at the houses or apartments.

Whilst surge protection is obligatory for the new installations now, it was not before and vast majority of our clients‘ properties are not equipped with such. If a property is not protected, the electric surges may then cause the damage to electric equipment and home appliances (often very expensive).

Now, when due to EU regulations the traditional bulbs have been gradually replaced by energy saving LEDs, which are much more expensive than traditional ones, the need for surge protection is even more important than ever. Whilst LED bulbs are supposed to last incomparably longer (30.000 hours compared with 1.000 with traditional bulbs), they get easily damaged by electric surges, contributing significantly to maintenance costs.

If you believe you do not have surge protection in place, please let us know and we will send our certified electricians to check and provide you with a free quote. Hope you will find it interesting as the cost of protectors is worth the savings on getting new, expensive equipment and bulbs.

01 March 2019


Sunset Properties Property Managment Services Tenerife

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