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The Ministry of Health has updated coronavirus cases as of 8pm, 3rd of April in the Canary Islands.

There are 1,363 active cases in the Canary Islands in total, with 78 deaths. 123 persons have recovered (Total cases: 1,563).

Out of the above, 632 people are hospitalized, 128 of them are ICU.
324 health workers have been infected.

The numbers seem to confirm the efficiency of the strict lockdown which has been in place since March 15th. At this moment the curve of new infections, hospital admission and deaths has flattened significantly.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Saturday that the government intends to extend the state of alarm, which was declared three weeks ago in a bid to slow the coronavirus outbreak, until April 26. Spanish Cabinet will meet on Tuesday to approve the measure, which is likely to face a congressional vote on Thursday.

Since last Monday 30th of February, we have stayed at homes according with stricter lockdown regulations. However, we have been in touch with many owners and subcontractors – mainly the pool companies who keep their operations running (with somewhat lessened frequency) …

We all have been facing a difficult and worrying situation, but we are sure we will get through it together.

Hope you stay safe and healthy,

Tom & Anna

04 April 2020


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